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Proud Poppy Brooch - LT

Proud Poppy Brooch - LT


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Poppies awaken so many memories- Spring, loved ones, Wizard of Oz...

Whatever your personal connection, poppies are stunning. Make them in quilting cotton. Or make them in silk dupioni- equally yummy. Pattern includes large size: 5 1/2” across, baby: 2 1/2” across, as well as poppy pod: 1” across.

Proud Poppy brooches look great on everything from a jean jacket to a purse to a wedding dress! How about adorning an art quilt or craft project? Instructions include an easy method to add stems to your flowers and buds- make an everlasting wedding bouquet or flower arrangement!

Easy to follow photo instructions make this pattern simple to make. No sewing machine required- makes a faboo take-along project!