Spirit Animal - Bear Hug in Star Light by Tula Pink for Free Spirit Fabrics

Once upon a time there was an undiscovered island that evolved for thousands of years beyond the burdensome limitations of reality. Imagination was both currency and religion in this place. You could be anything that you wished as long as you had the daring to imagine it so. The animals didn’t know that they were supposed to be brown so they dressed themselves in shades of purple, orange, pink and green. Every being was the ruler of their own reality and existed solely within the make believe of their own minds, because they could dream it then it would become real here. One day a princess of her own reality, having spent the morning in the usual way, cuddling with grizzly bears and lounging on rocks with otters came to lie in a eld of wild owers. Yearning for conversation but too comfortable to seek it out she began to speak aloud to no one in particular. As she paused to collect her thoughts, the eld that she lay in spoke back. The wild owers that cocooned her had imagined themselves as her friends and the magic of the island had made it so. The wild owers told her of a place where she could mine for stone to make the jewelry and elaborate trinkets that she so loved. This stone contained the essence of the island and was where new inhabitants were developed and honed over years, crafted from the very thing that made everything here so special.

There have been rumors and questionable sightings of this place going back through the centuries. Once, an explorer even claimed to have captured some of this magical stone from the island itself but as he sailed away from the island the stone began to lose it’s color, the sparkle that was once so blinding began to fade and by the time he landed on the shores of his own home it had turned into nothing more than a plain gray rock. No one believed this traveler as he had no proof to speak of and his wild stories of vibrant color and self aware foliage was chalked up to too many months on the open sea. His tales became the stuff of fiction, going the way of mermaids and dragons but he knew in his heart what he had seen and that he would never, ever forget it.